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Ruweng State MP urges GPOC to put things in order or suspend production

Mary Ayen Majok, a member of parliament representing Ruweng at the Council of States has called for the shutting down of Athiony oil facility following an explosion in Aliny County yesterday.

Production in the area is reportedly managed by Greater Pioneer Operating Company, GPOC.

Environmentalists have expressed fears over the impact of the pollution caused by the explosion on the local population.

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According to reports, the explosion was caused when wielder working near crude oil pond ignited fire causing the deadly fire

Hon. Mary Ayen Majok suggests that, if GPOC is unable to contain pollution and such explosions, the government should halt production in the area.

“We need to make a wise and bold decision that is better to suspend the operation until we put things in order,” Hon. Ayen told Eye Radio on Tuesday.

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Similar fire incident caused an explosion near an airstrip in the Unity oil field last month.

Oil spillage remains a great concern to the inhabitants around oil wells.

Both local and international campaign groups have reported widespread environmental pollution in oil-producing areas, with animals and people affected.

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They say women are giving birth to deformed babies and stillbirths, claims the local people have confirmed.

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