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Salva Kiir warns South Sudanese who tarnish his name on Social Media

South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has given out a warning to those who tarnish his name on Social media. In a meeting held in Juba yesterday, Kiir expressed his greatest concern about South Sudanese disrespecting him and calling him names on Social media.

The report which landed in our office from a trusted source this morning indicates that Kiir is warning those who hurl insults at him in the name of criticizing his government. He said, ‘I don’t have any problem if you criticize the government because that’s how nations are shaped but throwing insults at me and my family is just unacceptable’

The president says he is aware of those who run live videos just to insult him rather than focusing on addressing specific areas where the government is going wrong. Makuei Lueth stressed the issue by stating that time is coming when South Sudanese will be accountable for whatever they say online.

The government claims to be aware of genuine critics and those tarnishing it’s name with insults as they please. The president claims it to be the first warning and failure to cease from such behaviour will lead to potential punishments.

‘We have a list of keyboard warriors who stir up the internet by causing unnecessary commotion in the community and I must say they will dance to their own music soon’, Said the president.

He concluded saying citizens of South Sudan should focus on criticism that can bring progress in the country than insult people in question as name calling and instigating fights do not solve anything.

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The government encourages healthy dialogues among South Sudanese where a point is laid down without provoking one another as it has consequences. All citizens of South Sudan are warned to act social enough to avoid falling victims of punishment because the government is just keeping an eye on a good number.

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