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Sexual Pleasures: 3 ways to push his desire buttons

3 ways to push his desire buttons

Do these things and he’ll be begging you for more before the night is through.

Foreplay is definitely necessary for a woman to reach orgasm, but most men can reach orgasm simply through sex alone.

That doesn’t mean that foreplay won’t drive him absolutely crazy though. Most women think that giving a quickie blowjob or a handjob is enough to get him warmed up, and most of the time it is. However, you can really take sex to the next level if you spend a little more time down there on the special spots that even he doesn’t know about. Below are ways to push his desire buttons.

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1. Cremaster muscle

The cremaster muscle is the muscle that draws the testicles in when your partner is cold and relaxes when he is warm and comfortable. You can stimulate this muscle during a blowjob or handjob by gently tugging on your partner’s scrotum while stimulating his penis. Make sure to communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t, because it isn’t hard to get a little too rough with his boys.

2. His anus

Some men are a little nervous about anal play or aren’t comfortable with it at all, so make sure your partner is ok with you touching his anus during sex or oral sex. Start by simply brushing your fingers lightly over the outside of his anus. If he wants you to insert a finger or a toy, make sure you have lube on hand.

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3. His earlobe

Many girls know that a man’s earlobe is a sensitive spot that shouldn’t be missed whether you’re kissing or having sex. Start turning him on by whispering what you want to do to him sexually, or simply just sigh heavily in his ear when you hug him. Flick the bottom of his earlobe quickly with your tongue before drawing it into your mouth and sucking lightly on it.

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