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Authorities in Tonj State have arrested six chiefs suspected to have spearheaded communal violence last week that left nine people dead and eleven others injured.

The fight erupted between groups of Moch and Panarik when a team sent by the state governor accompanied the commissioner of the newly created Alabe County to the area on Wednesday.

The state information minister told Eye Radio on Sunday that while the county commissioner was meeting the community members, the some youth of Panarik allegedly attacked them in protest of the county name.

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He said some community leaders of Lou reportedly rejected the Alabe name and wanted it be changed to Lou County.

The disagreement resulted to violent clashes that claimed nine lives and left at least eleven others wounded.

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According to the information minister, security agents have  arrested six executive chiefs for leading the violence.

“So far six executive chiefs have been captured and they are under the custody of the government of Tonj State and within these six there are also elders and those who were seen as the root cause of last week’s conflicts,” William Wol told Eye Radio on Monday.

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“They will be investigated for why the community took laws into their hands.”

Mr. Wol said the state government will ensure the communities are reconciled for them to live peacefully in the same county.

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