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Smear campaign against head of national security


By Machar Mayuen

This statement serves to condemn all the smears campaigns labelled against the Director-General of National Security Service (NSS) General Akol Koor Kuc by anti-peace elements who are determined to tarnish the image of good leaders. The same authors accused General Kuc of supplying weapons to Murle in Pibor. These baseless accusations have no proofs. They deserve to be dismissed outright for they stand no ground. Here are few references articles written by one author known as Santino Wal Miyom, entitled, “National Security’s ISB Director-General Supplies Pibor with arms. It was published at website on May 27, 2020. The second article by similar author, entitled, “To Leaders of Bor, Twi and Duk: Save your Jieng community from obliteration.” It was published at on December 10, 2017. These two articles among many other articles not cited here should be considered by any sound-minded person as a work of peace spoilers, whose intentions is to derails any peaceful coexistence. By all accounts, they are the beneficiaries of conflict around local communities. It is in the interest of National Security Services to ensure that local peace remains uninterrupted. One of the ill intention authors went as far as threatening the community leaders for not coming out to condemn the government and General Kuc in particular. It should be noted that General Kuc is a leader for all South Sudanese and cannot be this cheap as described by the desperate propagandists or enemies of peace to armed people to kill their own.

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Let me make the following clarifications for the readers understand:

1. NSS cannot recruit and armed anyone without the knowledge and approval of H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President and Commander In Chief of the Arms Forces.

2. The Chief of Defense Forces of South Sudan’s People Defense Forces (SSPDF) is the administrative superior of all the armed forces in the country. On top of this, there is a Minister of National Security Service who played the lead role and oversees the daily activities of NSS. The two mentioned above leaders must approve any military consignment and they have to know what the consignment is for.

3. South Sudan has decentralized its 10 states system and its numerous counties. At the State level, the governor is the chairman of security while at the county level the commissioner is the head of security. With these structures, the local administration can testify if there were supplies taken to Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) as alleged by the authors.

4. General Akol Koor Kuc is the Director-General of NSS, his mandate is to protect the citizens be it ordinary civilians, politicians, traders, livestock keepers etc. As a senior government official, he cannot reduce himself to kill the citizens that he has been mandated by the constitution to protect.

5. For the benefit of everyone, I am pleased to inform you that the government of South Sudan has a disarmament plan. President Salva Kiir Mayardid tasked Lt. Gen. Riiny Tueny Mabior, chief of SSPDF Military Intelligence to carry out the disarmament. He started the first phase of disarmament in Greater Bahr el Ghazal region and the second phase shall be in greater Upper Nile region. The plan is to ensure that all the civilians including unauthorized gun holders are disarmed. It is weird to read the baseless claims that the same government is arming the civilians while the actual plan is to take what they already have.

6. General Akol Koor Kuc as Director General of National Security did his role by protecting some seniors ‘politicians and ordinary citizens whose lives were at risk. That his job and he is happy to do what has been assigned by the President to do.

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The national security in particular and government of South Sudan at large aim to support local peace initiatives initiated by the community, which are experiencing communal conflicts. With peaceful coexistence, our people will realize the development they need at the local level. At this stage, General Kuc wishes to renew his strong support to the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Finally, I strongly condemn the bad behaviours and smear campaigns against the peace-loving, Gen. Kuc. General Kuc is known for his successful records in SPLA history. He has never let down the country leadership in all the assignments tasked to him since the inception of the government of South Sudan. He led National Security Services since 2011 to date and he managed to transform NSS as most organized, well trained and respectful intelligent unit and army force in the country. This is as a result of the strong leadership of General Kuc as a peaceful oriented citizen. The Director-General love to see peaceful coexistence among the people of South Sudan and I do encourage our communities to embrace peace and avoid all sorts of violence so that the country and its people continue to enjoy and prosper.

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