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Somalia: Special Update: East Africa 2019 Cropping Concerns (updated June 20th, 2019)

Country: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda


• Central and southern parts of East Africa experienced weather conditions among the driest on record during the onset of the March-May rainy season up to mid-April (Figure 1).

• Severe dryness caused substantial planting delays across Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, and in “Belg” receiving areas in central and eastern Ethiopia.

• Southeastern and coastal Kenya, and southern Somalia, have experienced some the most severe rainfall deficits on record.

• Above-average rainfall in early May in Kenya and late April to early June in Somalia marginally improved vegetation conditions, but damage due to early and mid-season dryness was largely irreversible across eastern Kenya and southern Somalia. However, recent rains may have benefitted off-season crop development in riverine areas.

• Crop production is expected to be 40-50 percent below average in Somalia and southeastern and coastal marginal agriculture areas of Kenya.

• This will result in the second consecutive season with a below-average crop output. Food security is of increasing concern.

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