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South Sudan: Christian Mission for Development – Mid-Year Review, South Sudan, August 2018

Source: Christian Mission for Development
Country: South Sudan

Education & Child Protection

CMD with financing partners have reached 56,973 Beneficiaries Directly with Education in Emergency (EiE) Intervention for IDPs, Returnees, Vulnerable Children and School Aged Youth in Ayod and Ulang Counties South Sudan in the first half of 2018 against an Overall target of 77,125 by the end of 2019.

In the first half of 2018, CMD has managed to implement two programs under education. The first project started in September 2017 and it ran for nine months up to May 2018, while the second project started in May 2018 and is still on going up to December 2019.

School Feeding Programme

The first education project (September 2017 – May 2018), was a great success, thanks to CMD and the related partners. CMD with partners initiated the ‘School Feeding Program’ (SFP), an initiative purposed to improve nutritional intake of school children while also enabling out of school children to enrol into the availed learning spaces.

The project targeted 12,488 beneficiaries in Ayod County Jongolei state. CMD was able to reach 15,020 beneficiaries (including 9,737 boys, 4,795 girls, 342 men and 146 women) against the initial target of12,488 in the last 9 months. The main objective was to reduce short-term hunger and nutritional deficiencies among learners, improve attendance/ performance, support local markets where possible, sensitise the community through cholera messaging, provide female and youth income generation and encourage female retention.
Overall, one meal per school was provided to 14,532 children and school going youth on provision that they attend regularly.
Further, 146 men and 342 women were involved as caregivers and incentivised project volunteers. 362 volunteer teachers, cooks and PTAs/SMCs (182 female) were trained on referral mechanisms for protection, nutrition and basic health as complementary assistance to the on-going school activities to help raise awareness among their own families and communities in Gorwai, Pagil and Jiech.

The project estimates 14,532 learners as having been protected against harmful practices. Poor families or families where parents are absent were helped by elevating strain on the family food supply. The project supported local traders as firewood was locally supplied, expanding their livelihood options. Community contributions were positive. The perceptions of the community regarding SFP are positive and SFP is seen to have contributed to the improvement of both enrolment rates and pass rates. SFP has made an important contribution to employment at community level (caregivers, cooks and food monitors) and has a direct impact on improvement of food security and reduction of poverty.
The project first introduced dry feeding which involved provision of a packet of biscuits per child each day for the first month before initiating the daily cereal lunch meals that are being provided for 5 days a week in targeted 15 schools. The meal choice was aimed at providing about a third of the recommended daily nutrient intakes for energy, protein and fat.

CMD utilised the LOGS cluster to help deliver the high tonnage food to the hard to reach locations where accessibility issues were a major challenge, considering the rains and impassable roads. Alongside cholera sensitization messaging in schools and communities, institutional WASH facilities were setup/rehabilitated. 15 hand washing facilities were setup in the targeted schools, 11 latrines setup/rehabilitated supported by institutional WASH. Six village campaigns were conducted involving school communities and actors in WASH, Nutrition and Food Security and Livelihoods on prevention and early detection of cholera. 5 hygiene clubs were formed in selected five schools to strengthen shared learning amongst children alongside frequent hand washing demonstrations with soap and safe handling of food to reduce diarrhoea/cholera episodes.

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