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South Sudan: DTM South Sudan — Flow Monitoring: EVD Preparedness (February 2019)

Source: International Organization for Migration
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Uganda

As part of IOM’s Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) preparedness activities, DTM operates seven Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) in Yambio, Yei and Morobo counties and six in cooperation with DTM Uganda on the Ugandan side of the border. Additional FMPs are planned on the borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic. This dashboard highlights key entry routes to South Sudan (SSD) and presents the demographic profile of people surveyed on arrival from the DRC and Uganda (UGA). Participation in the survey is voluntary and the data collected is only indicative of actual flows.

Key Insights

• The number of people surveyed on arrival increased by 3,708 relative to January as a result of improved monitoring of border crossings.

• 74.0% of respondents departed from Uganda,

25.1% from the DRC and 0.9% from other countries.

• The data shows significant movement between Morobo and contiguous cross-border regions in both Uganda and the DRC.

• A similar pattern applies to other border counties, but with lower traffic. This may be due, in part, to access constraints affecting DTM’s ability to track flows.

• 11.5% of respondents (2,570 people) reported entering South Sudan to access health care.

• 5.9% of respondents (1,314 people) reported Juba County as their intended destination.

• The percentage of respondents who reported coming from a refugee camp is 16.2% for arrivals from Uganda and 18.2% for the DRC.

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