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South Sudan: DTM South Sudan Wau POCAA: Intentions-Perception Survey – January 11, 2019

Source: International Organization for Migration
Country: South Sudan


Wau Town has been steadily recovering from the shocks of series of significant incidents/ clashes that occurred between June 2016 to May 2018. During that period, the Wau Protection of Civilian Adjacent Area (Wau PoC AA) site was created. There are 35,496 people biometrically registered in the site, though headcounts suggest that the number of those residing there is only 15,272, as of December 2018.

In December 2018, following the signing of the revitalized peace agreement, the IOM Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) team conducted an intention-perception survey to better understand the intention of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) within this new context. The survey aimed to establish how many intend to leave the Wau PoC AA site, the tentative time frame of return and return destinations.


Findings for this report rely on 645 household interviews (23% men and 77% women respondents) conducted in Wau PoC AA between 18 and 24 December 2018. Surveys were collected using random sampling, whereby survey teams followed a computergenerated list which allocated specific shelters for household interviews in Zones A, B and C. Distribution across the three zones took into account the different population sizes of each sector, based on IOM DTM Headcount information from November 2018.
The margin of sampling error is +/- 5% with a 99% level of confidence. Enumerator teams were composed of 36 per cent women and 64 per cent men enumerators. Respondents included 36 per cent individuals aged 15-25, 29 per cent of individuals aged 26-35, 30 per cent of individuals aged 36-59, and 6 per cent aged 60 or above. In addition, 14 focus group discussions (FGDs) were held, two per each of six origin locations prioritized (one with only women and another with only men respondents), covering Wau North, Wau South, Bagari, Bazia, Mboro/Beselia and Raja/Deim Zubir, and two additional mixed FGDs with participants from Wau North and Wau South (to include participants from areas not represented in the earlier Wau South and Wau North FGDs).


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