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South Sudan: Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Preparedness Update 6 (4 – 10 February 2019)

Source: International Organization for Migration
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda


● EVD awareness sessions continued in all target locations (Gimunu Boma, Tokori, Marakonye Boma and Attende Boma). WASH activities continued at Yei SSRRC and Yei airstrip screening points.

● EVD prevention activities were held on proper handwashing with soap and water in Morokonye Boma, Attende Boma in Gimunu Payam, Tokori Payam, and the SSRRC screening point, reaching a total of 3,458 individuals this week.

● Active EVD screening is ongoing in eight Points of Entry (PoE) sites: Yei airport, Yei SSRRC, Tokori, Kaya, Okaba, Khorijo, Pure and Bazi. Vaccination of IOM frontline workers to protect against EVD has begun. Seventeen IOM workers at Yei airport and Yei SSRRC PoE sites have been vaccinated thus far.


Week 6 recorded a 21.75% increase from last week in entry screenings for EVD, with 10,971 total individuals screened. This is largely due to upsurge of travelers screened at the Khorijo PoE due to the distribution in the IDP camp nearby recorded on 4 February. There were 34 fever cases in the reporting week. All the cases were referred to the nearest health facility of the respective PoEs and all tested positive for malaria. There were no alert cases reported during the week.


Community health and hygiene promoters continued with hygiene and EVD promotion activities in Morobo through house to house visits, water point sessions, market sessions, public sessions, child-to-child sessions, and jerry can cleaning, reaching 5,247 individuals in nine locations including PoE sites and surroundings. Teams passed messages on safe water chain, proper food handling, personal hygiene, clean environment and hand washing practices. The WASH team assessed the site for construction of a screening point in Sali Musala.

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Based on data submitted on 10 February, 3,753 individuals were surveyed at DTM flow monitoring points this week. Of these, 98% were interviewed at FMPs located near the Uganda border. Three out of seven FMPs located near the DRC border were unable to submit data in time due to their remoteness and to the lack of mobile network connection in the area. Over 80% of surveyed individuals came from the Koboko region in Uganda. 86% are South Sudanese nationals while close to 14% are Ugandan. Almost 80% are directed to locations within Morobo county in Central Equatoria.

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