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By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 (PW) — The R-ARCISS provided that of the five Vice Presidents, two will come from the government known as the SPLM-IG. I have written many times that one has to go to Greater Bahr el Ghazal region. I still remain true to myself.

If H.E, the President is of the view that it is of necessity for one of his Vice-Presidents to go to Greater Upper Nile and that it must be a Nuer, it should go to the other sections of the Nuer. In the next Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity, the citizens would want to see people who are committed servants, loyal to the system and hell-bent to develop this beloved country; in order to make it catch up with the rest of the region.

There is no need to please again and bring in charlatans and money lovers who feign loyalty. Look at those who came last time. They used the power and money given to them to dry up State coffers and knowingly confronted the government with the region and world especially the super powers.

It is clear from their reckless utterances when they are delegated to represent J1 overseas. There was not a single moment they had been held to account for diplomatic misconduct. They eliminated their betè noires lying that they were defending the government. I can vouch that President Kiir has been kind-hearted and so forgiving; many will agree with me except, perhaps, those who chose to follow others because they can’t subsist on their own.

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The President was betrayed by the same people whom he gave the spear (power). They came and used that sharp spear to kill, hurt the families of those who stood and supported the President during the crisis. The same people were the agitators of the two deadly conflicts. These war traders are blindfolded to take the Presidential pardon granted for a moral weakness. They confronted the country with the International community using the money given to them by the President, the same man they want see out of the political screen.

The agreement provided for a hybrid court. It will be established and each and every one will account for any crime he or she might have committed against the people of South Sudan in any form. Up to now, those who committed heinous crimes against humanity in Rwanda and anywhere else are still being tracked down mainly those who carried out extrajudicial killings against innocent citizens to protect their power.

Those who caused the ongoing upheavals now hold high-profile constitutional posts and senior ranks within the ranks and files of the army and organized forces. They caused divisions and planted hatred among South Sudanese who love themselves so much and who have the will to continue living harmoniously and peacefully co-exist.

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They have eaten enough with impunity. This time, let them go home but they shall be asked to account for what they did during their tenures in office; an abuse of power. I called on the peace partners to nominate competent and hard-working people; people who have the country and the people at heart but not people power hungry people who had been involved in the abused of public offices and breach of trust bestowed upon them by the President.

The time for eating is finished. It is time for services delivery, transparency and accountability. The exploiters of war who have been engaged in sowing the seeds of discord among the people should also be shown the political exit door. The citizens have learnt a lesson. Their true colour is that of, engagement in pre-sales Oil contracts with huge financial kickbacks at the expense of the starving citizens who can’t afford a day’s meals, conspiracy and back-stabbing. They have shown themselves to the citizens as their nemeses by the covert work they did to bring this country down to its knees.

This time, we need people who are poised to embrace and support peace but not selfish individuals. The R-ARCISS is a just and an honorable peace if I could paraphrase the words of the Late Chairman Dr. John Garang (RIP). If implemented in letter and spirit, it will return South Sudan into its former state where people live in harmony, peace, love and unity.

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The most important thing is that the peace partners and the civil society Organizations must keep an eagle’s eye on the peace spoilers who made it a lucrative job to fish in murky waters.

The author is a concerned, a peace-loving citizen and an Advocate of a prosperous, united and democratic South Sudan. Can be reached at

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