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About South Sudan Portal

The entrepreneurial team behind the hyperlocal free South Sudan News Portal started the first and only web portal in the country, pledging to give the community “a voice and platform”.

Freelance journalists and web developers, as well as social media managers, who live in South Sudan, and around the world, are the brains behind South Sudan News Portal, which publishes news about South Sudan from all over the world in one central place at

Like other internet portals, there are additional features like the free community business directory, open real estate directory, classifieds, useful information, a country guide for expatriates and a jobs portal.
The website’s pages are filled with grassroots, on-the-ground reporting and unique stories and interviews that are 100 per cent about South Sudan, rather than generic content driven by press releases.

We believe that local newspapers play a vital role in the communities they serve, giving people a voice and a platform and, crucially, holding councils to account. They also celebrate the area and its people, helping to bring those who live and work there closer together.

Circulation and reach is hoped to hit between 500,000 to 2 million internet users annually and it will be distributed in more than 100 web directories, social platforms and at least one mobile app.

The first year 2017 has been experimental. We hope to raise more funding from sponsored content to cover subsequent costs of operation over the next several decades.

As well as covering the South Sudan as a whole, there are stories from other countries, but the overall design has been to made to prioritise South Sudan features.

With the young South Sudan nation earmarked for vast amounts of change in the coming years, we feel now is the right time to launch a portal that will help ensure people’s voices are heard and celebrate what makes South Sudan special.

Readers will also be able to keep up-to-date with daily local news, views and other stories online via its social media pages and blog.

There are already several stringer journalists, most of them freelances and people who want to be involved in the local communities of South Sudan contributing content everyday to the portal.

We trust we’ll be profitable, with the money made from the portal poured into the improvement and continuity of the portal.

You too can make your contribution by joining our team. Email us using for more information on how you can get involved.

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