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South Sudan: Situation Overview: Greater Equatoria, South Sudan (October – December 2018)

Source: REACH Initiative
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda


In September 2018, a revitalised peace agreement was signed in South Sudan.1 In the first few months of its implementation at the local level in the Greater Equatoria region, humanitarian partners reported an improvement of humanitarian access in certain areas where access had been limited for a long period beforehand.2 However, localised insecurity continued in the Greater Equatoria region and intensified in December, leading to renewed deterioration of humanitarian access and populations in need not being reached.3 In order to fill information gaps and improve humanitarian programming, REACH has been collecting monthly data on hard-to-reach settlements across the Greater Equatoria region since January 2017 through interviews with Key Informants (KIs). Between October and December 2018, data was collected through face-to-face KI interviews and additionally through phone call interviews with KIs residing across the Greater Equatoria region and who had direct knowledge of the situation in a hardto-reach settlement.
From October to December 2018, REACH interviewed 609 KIs that had knowledge about 471 different settlements: 135 settlements in all six counties of Central Equatoria State, 158 settlements in five out of eight counties of Eastern Equatoria State and 178 settlements in six out of ten counties of Western Equatoria State (Map 2). Findings were triangulated with 4 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) conducted in Kapoeta Town with internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Budi County, and secondary data, including other assessments conducted by REACH in the Greater Equatoria region over the reporting period.


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