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South Sudan: South Sudan: CCCM Cluster Bi-weekly Situation Report (16 – 31 July 2018)

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees, CCCM Cluster
Country: South Sudan


National CCCM Cluster

The national CCCM Cluster has continued to remain in the midst of the South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) 2018 and its resultant call for a proposal by South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) exercise.

A Strategic Review Committee convened a meeting that was attended by DRC, INTERNEWS, IOM IMU, CCCM Cluster and OCHA to review partners' proposals using the OCHA SSHF scorecard in tandem with that of the CCCM Cluster.

Bor PoC

As a way forward to mitigate and respond to flooding during rainy season CCCM procured a New de-watering pump to pump out flooding water in Bor PoC.

And also in coordination with Support for Peace and Education Development Programme (SPEDP) and CCCM cluster, in collaboration with the community leaders discuss the phase-out of 3-months vocational training and capacity building training project given out for women to empowered women group in PoC.



Following the election of the new Community leaders’ committee, CCCM trained new members on leadership skills and on their core roles and responsibilities, and their terms of reference to enhance executing of their duties.

The former members of the community leaders were honored with a certificate of service as they handed over power to the new committees.

Collective Sites:

To ease coordination, community representation and participation at the IDP sites and to ensure orderly governance at the collective sites, The Camp Management Agency in Wau organized and supported the PoC community to elect new Site Committees. The next step will be to train the new committee members on their roles and responsibilities. Similarly, the new committee members shall be led through a process of drafting their terms of reference.


As an effort to encourage peaceful co-existence between the IDPs and the Host community, the CCCM partner in Melut conducted a meeting with services providers, Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and the Community leaders from both host Community and the IDPs, Partners encourages the two communities to share services provided at the sites.


Collective Sites:

The CCCM partner in Bentiu conducted service monitoring in Nimni Payam on 17 and 18 of July 2018 to understand the major gaps in the area and to also asses the IDPs from Koch County who are living in Nimni. The preliminary report of this assessment reveals that 43 Households a total of 297 individuals living at the collective site are lacking basic NFI like household and hygiene kits.

Malakal PoC

In the last two weeks of July, the CCCM partner in Malakal PoC settled 19 new arrival individuals into 5 Shelters left behind by IDPs who left the PoC and fled to Sudan while a few have been reported to have settled in Kodok. During this reporting time, additional 5 households composed of 13 individuals have been reported to have left Malakal PoC. It is unknown to the CCCM partner where the five households have relocated to.

Leer/ Mayendit

In collaboration with the protection cluster, the CCCM Cluster partner in Leer Temporary Protection Area (TPA) conducted population headcount of the population living at the site and established that there are 1,379 individuals who have sought protection at the site.

UN House PoC

The CCCM partner in Juba PoC completed community census taking in PoC 1 and continue ongoing Census activity in PoC 3 Where detailed basic information about Households are recorded by means of recording gender, age, diversity, and sex.

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