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South Sudan: South Sudan Displacement Crisis: Nyal Port Monitoring – Panyijiar County, Unity State, South Sudan (March 2019)

Source: REACH Initiative
Country: South Sudan


Nyal town is located in Northern Panyijiar County, Unity State, along the banks of the Sudd, one of the largest swamps in the world. Since the start of the crisis, IDPs from Unity and Jonglei States have perceived Nyal as a safe location with ample resources. Recently, Nyal has also become a key location for people travelling to and from nearby islands.

Since 1 November 2016, REACH has monitored three ports in Nyal – Gap Port, Nyal Port and Katieth Port – to record the arrivals and departures on a daily basis. The information gathered covers household (HH) demographics, key push and pull factors, vulnerabilities, and transportation routes. The daily data was synthesised to provide evidence for more effective humanitarian planning.

The REACH team collected data from 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to ensure wide coverage of Nyal’s three ports. REACH teams attempt to interview all arrivals and departures at the household level using a contextualised survey. However, the data presented here is not representative, rather indicative of movement trends for the assessed population.1 This factsheet is based on data on 409 people departing (105 HHs), 286 people arriving (97 HHs), and 5 people transiting (2 HH), which was collected over 17 days from 4 to 29 March 2019.

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