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South Sudan: South Sudan: Internews Bentiu e-Bulletin (May 9, 2019)

Source: Internews Network, CCCM Cluster
Country: South Sudan

In Bentiu, Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service (HIS) implements a communicating with communities (CwC) program to increase information sharing. The program operates Kondial 97.2 FM, a humanitarian radio station inside the Bentiu PoC, conducting listening groups to gather community feedback. If you have information to be shared with the PoC or humanitarians, please contact: Humanitarian Project Manager Akiiki Tusiime ( or Team Leader Pout Tuor (

What We Heard This Week

Feedback from the Community

Well-done ICRC

Cattle keepers in Tochkier of Koch have extended appreciations to humanitarian animal health partners for vaccinating their herds against foot and Mouth diseases. They commended the ICRC, urging it to continue with animal’s vaccination.
Adults, Koch •

Sale of Humanitarian Items is Rampant

Community leaders and youth in Bentiu PoC wondered about where the humanitarian items rampantly come from and find themselves in the market. They specifically mentioned that nutritional food stuffs are on sale in the market. They need nutrition partners to restrict the sale of nutritional foods.
Adults & Youth, PoC•

We Need Dominoes and Playing Cards

Teenagers and Youths who are being supported by Mercy Corps said they do not have dominoes and playing cards to keep them busy at their center. They requested Mercy Corps to help them with the requested items.
Youths & Adolescents. Sector 2, Block12, PoC •

The Roads and Drainages Are Good

Adults and youth in Sector 5 Block 1 to 6 are grateful with IOM for maintaining water drainage channels and roads across PoC. They thanked the camp management agency for delivering good services to the community.
Adults, PoC. •

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Water Shortages Hits Sector 4

Adults and youth listening groups in Sector 4 Block 1 to 12 raised concerns about water shortages due to technical problem with the borehole where the community gets water from. They requested concerned WASH agencies to speed up in restoring water for the blocks.
Adults & Youths, Sector 4, Block 1-12 •

Thanks for the Latrines in Koch

WASH partners have been thanked by women in Koch for constructing family latrines in Koch and other villages. They directed their special appreciation to CORDAID.
Adults, Koch & Kuachlual •

Well-done INTERSOS

Pupils and Parents in Sector 2 thanked education partners for renovating their school fence. They directed their appreciation to INTERSOS for a job well-done.
Pupils & Adults, Sector 2 •

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