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South Sudanese man wants divorce claiming he is tired of eating Ugali


A South Sudanese man based in Nakuru Kenya has called for a divorce with the claim his wife cooks Ugali almost everyday. The former Upper Hill student who is now working as a tailor’s apprentice in Nakuru Town is very sick of eating Ugali which he admits to be cheap and doesn’t go well with his blood.

Speaking to his community elders in a meeting in Langlanga, Majok narrated how his wife is fond of cooking Ugali with Kales. ‘I give her a good amount of money for groceries but she rarely substitutes Ugali for anything else. The last time I ate Kisra at my house was May this year’, He complained.

The man reported how he toils in Nakuru town to get food on the table for his family. He is heartbroken his two kids are always feeding on Ugali when they should be feasting on delicacies even at least once or twice a week. ‘Aluel is lazy, she fancies clothes and her general look than focusing on what the family eats’, He added.

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When asked why Ugali is a problem, he said, ‘ Ugali makes one prone to emaciation due to its appetite depriving affect. I only eat it because my kids have to too’. Majök put it that he talked to his wife over this issue since she got it into a routine immediately after she arrived from Kakuma. ‘She cooks good but once in a blue bluemoon’ He concluded.

The marriage is at stake as he has already made his mind to finding a better woman who will not be feeding his family that very staple food on daily basis. According to Aluel, Majok provides too little for the family and her only option is always Ugali with Kales. ‘I cook him beef but I admit it’s always after a week or two’ She confessed.

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The case is finding its way into everybody’s backyard in Nakuru and Majok’s family are trying their best to convince him not to divorce the mother of his kids over food issue but the angry man is decided already and nothing seems to change his mind according to his best friend Mayen.

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