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South Sudanese models urge Musicians to sing sensible songs

South Sudanese models are urging brothers and sisters doing music to concentrate on music that will inspire the youth instead of singing garbage like flossing about cheap things they own.

In a meeting chaired by Amakou Telar in Nairobi, the ladies raised concerns about musicians tarnishing the image of South Sudan with irrelevant diss tracks for the sake of attention seeking.

One lady by the name Angelina said, ‘We are tired of listening to music that doesn’t make sense to us, we need to behave like mature public figures and set example for the upcoming generation’

The team requests musicians to set good example and be responsible people not generators that make noise with a track or two. It is their advice to the musicians that they uplift the flag instead of beefing each other and boast just because they can afford to visit studios.

‘Everyone is chasing music with money they are given by their parents or brothers. They need to get real jobs and be nice in all dimensions’, said Amakou. It is absolute truth that we don’t need people to listen to nonsense and with no doubt we second that as Juba Eye team.

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