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SSNMC Chairman Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro has not joined NAS


South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC) would like to respond to information circulating on social media about Mr. Bakosoro, the Chairman of SSNMC.

On the evening of the 18th of February 2019, information circulating on social media about the Chairman of SSNMC came to the attention of SSNMC leadership.

The source of, or the person or the organisation that authenticated, the information is unknown. The writing contains very serious allegations.

We will respond to some few and very crucial ones: First, that “Joseph Bakosoro quit the government and joined Thomas Cirilo’s NAS”.

This statement is not true. Mr. Bakosoro is not and will not quit the implementation of R-ARCSS. He has not and will not joined NAS.

Second, that “Joseph Bakosoro accuses President Kiir Mayardit of practicing tribalism and that the government in Juba is a well-organized tribal group.”

This information does not reflect the opinion of Mr. Bakosoro nor the SSNMC.

It, however, does reflect the opinion of the anonymous author, the very person or organisation that sanctioned the information.

Third, that “Bakosoro left Juba yesterday and declared himself today in Addis Ababa.”

Mr. Bakosoro traveled to Juba the last week of January, until today he is in Juba because SSNMC believes that a peaceful resolution of the crisis in South Sudan is the only viable solution; therefore, peace must be given a chance.

False information like these are not just distortions but cheap and malicious propaganda to blemish Mr. Bakosoro.

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The anonymous author is a sociopathic liar and such information must never be considered authentic and trustworthy.

We reiterate our position that SSNMC’s resort to bring peace to South Sudan is unwavering.

We have resolved that the interest of the country and the people of South Sudan must come first.

Therefore, regardless of any fib, we are determined to work with the Government of South Sudan plus other R-ARCSS partners to implement R-ARCSS in the interest of our suffering people of South Sudan who need peace the most. ####

Contact: Daniel Zingifuaboro Position: Secretary of Information and Official Spokesperson of SSNMC Phone: +61 474 047 016 Email:


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