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Stunning short wigs styles you can try (Photos)

Short hair wigs never looked this good

Every girl needs a wig – at least one. Seriously, wigs come in handy on those bad hair days when you got to show up.

Of course, you will need to put into consideration various things before you get one. The style, hair colour, length and even cap measurements are things you do not want to ignore. When it comes to length, it’s all a matter of preference.

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For instance, in as much as long wigs are cute, they need a lot more effort when it comes to maintenance.They tangle easily compared to short hair wigs. If you do not mind some more time detangling them and making sure they are well maintained, go on get yourself one. However, If you think they are too much work, short wigs will do you good.

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To make your next purchase easier, we have collected some short hair wigs photos from Kenyan celebrities and we hope that they inspire you on what style to go for next time.

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1. Comedian Eunice Mammito

Mammito Eunice (Instagram)
Mammito Eunice (Instagram)

2. Anita Nderu rocking a bob wig

Bob wig (Anita Nderu - Instagram)
Bob wig (Anita Nderu – Instagram)

3. Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey (Instagram)
Kush Tracey (Instagram)

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4. Another one from Kush

Short hair wig styles (Instagram - Kush Tracey)
Short hair wig styles (Instagram – Kush Tracey)

5. Media personality Doreen Majala

Doreen Majala (Instagram)
Doreen Majala (Instagram)

6. Size 8

Size 8 (Instagram)
Size 8 (Instagram)

7. Kate actress

Catherine Kamau (Instagram)
Catherine Kamau (Instagram)

8. Muthoni Mukiri

Muthoni wa Mukiri (Instagram)
Muthoni wa Mukiri (Instagram)

Which of the above wigs would you rock?

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