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Sudan’s Elections, almost a wrap up

Talking to a journalist the other day about the Sudanese election and I was asked my take on all the “stuff” going on. My reply was probably not what he wanted to hear. I believed that the real news story was the absence of lots of “stuff” going on. There’s no Kenya-type violence. There’s a real calm throughout Southern Sudan, despite the problems.

All things considered, this show went off pretty smooth so far. The emphasis there is that we’re only at phase two of four phases of this election: registration and voting are done. Counting/reporting and the final transition are yet to come.

Will we see any dramatic turn of events? I cant say what will happen in the north, but we’ll probably see some electoral upsets in the South (that are much needed). That is, provided Jimmah Caataaah keeps his mouth shut long enough to let the people of Sudan determine what kind of outcome they want. My bet is that they want one they can be proud of.

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