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JIT Supermarket

Located in the city center; Juba Town, JIT is THE place to shop, it has everything. JIT supermarket has clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toiletries, newspapers and magazines, electronics, food, wines, spirits, computer accessories, chocolates, juices, soda, ice cream, cold processed meats, kitchen equipment, fridges, generators, cookers, their own brand of bottled water, bags, stationery, and so many other items. Upstairs there is a whole floor of furniture. The whole supermarket is air conditioned and very spacious and clean. There are two automated check out points Jit is located just after Zain, next to Juba Raha hotel.

Phoenicia Supermarket
The supermarket opened in 2011. Located at Kololo on the main road behind the ministries. Their stocks are increasing every month. They have a full butchery and delicatessen. There are many fridges and freezers with drinks, juices, and ice cream. They have food items, toiletries, and household items. They also have cigarettes, chocolates, snacks, biscuits, and so much more. They plan to have a grand marketing campaign soon.

Old Phoenicia Supermarket 

This was a small supermarket behind Sahara hotel. It is now closed as they have now constructed a large supermarket in Kololo on the Thong Ping road behind the Ministry.
phoeniciagroup.juba@yahoo.com, +249 129248206, 0955681771

VaMP – Vegetables and Meat and Pharmacy
This is the new place located behind UN OCHA and AMREF near the ministries in Tong Ping area. They stock fresh vegetables, hygienically packaged meats, fresh fruit, dairy products, ice cream, wines and spirits, sauces and spices, pastries and bread, coffee and tea powder and dry foods. They have a wide variety of each including broccoli, mushrooms, celery, lemon grass, leeks, strawberries, butter, cheese, yoghurt, turkey, sausages, processed meats and many more food items for those who want to cook for themselves. They regularly send out updates of what they have imported like blocks, wheels or grated Golden gouda, Cheddar, Feta , Mozzarella, Edam, Gouda, Premium Gouda, Low fat Gouda, Cheddar, Colby, Jack, Parmesan as well as fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, yoghurt, butter and much more! VaMP is located behind the USAID compound in North Tong Ping.

VaMP opened a Coffee Shop from June 2010. They have constructed a small bamboo and wooden poles open sided dining area with wooden chairs and tables, potted plants and an airy relaxed feel with soft music. They intend to have fast food and snacks. For now they have various coffees form 5 pounds, Chocolate drinks at 9 pounds, fresh juices at around 10 pounds, and refreshing fruit Smoothies from 5 pounds. The juices and smoothies are made on order from their supermarket fruits so it fresh.

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Amen Supermarket
Amen is small but well stocked with many different items especially wines, spirits, food items, snacks, chocolates, cereals, batteries, household items, clothes hangers, cosmetics, lop gloss, sun block, toothpaste, shaving cream, face towels, over the counter medicines and so many other essentials. It is smack in the middle of Malakia on the main street Around Amen are very many other shops.

Hai Malakia
Malakia is the main commercial center. There are thousands of shops. You can buy computers, electonics, cameras, loptop accessories, mobile phones, medicines, cosmetics and many other things in the numerous small shops, medium size supermarkets and pharmacies. The banks have recently all opened branches here to tap into the commercial center.


The best deals are available in the smaller shops along Hai Malakia or the 3 large markets. There are 6 markets:
Konyo Konyo market – the main one, smack in the middle of town.
Juba town market – very small, next to the bus park
Customs bus park market – It was officially closed, so it has now splintered into many off shoots of the original largest market
Jebel market (new customs)- Huge and well structured but too far for most people to go to. These are the traders relocated from Customs market.
Gudele market – Medium size, in residential area.
Munuki market – medium size, in residential area.

Konyo Konyo Market

This is the main market. It is smack in the middle of the city. There are two public bus parks on each side, where vehicles from all parts of town arrive. It is a sprawling market, spreading into all the neighboring residential and shopping areas. The market has many distinct areas, the whole sale shops, hardware and building materials, food kiosks, stalls, bus park areas and open areas. In the stalls area there are more than six smaller sections, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, clothes, meat, fish, live chicken, bags, dry foods, processed foods etc.

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At the main road bus terminus there are stalls selling a wide variety of cosmetics, hair salon products, local weaved mats and baskets, local made metal pots and wooden ladles, wooden African carvings and sculptures, mobile phones, radios, watches, cutlery, crockery, plastic ware, household items, cleaning materials, and many other items.

Just next is the fruits and vegetables area with bananas, pawpaw, mango, watermelon, and other local fruit as well as imported apples and oranges in one section and tomatoes, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, plantain banana, Okra, cabbage, several local green vegetables, peanut butter paste, chilies, rock salt, spices and herbs.

At the other bus park there are second hand clothes on the ground and hawkers selling small items like mobile phones, mirrors, combs, watches, belts etc

The main market has hundreds of stalls with a wide variety of clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, jewelry and cosmetics. After that are stalls with dry food, including sorghum, millet, Okra, several different beans, dried peas, dal, green gram, soya beans, groundnuts, maize, wheat, rice, bark of various spice trees, colored petals of various spice flowers, edible seeds like sunflower and pumpkin, herbs, dates, and many other dry items. There are several mills also so you can buy flour of any grain, or powder of any spice, or peanut butter. Just below are many stalls with meat and dried fish

There are stalls selling local medicine made from seeds, bark, roots, leaves and honey. There are stalls selling raw tobacco or tobacco mixed ready for smoking in shisha pipes. In between, hidden behind the stalls are simple food stalls where they sell chapatti and bean stuffed samosas and dens brewing and selling local beer.

Further out in the wholesale shop area there are over 100 shops and warehouses with beer, cigarettes, flour, grains, cooking oil, soap, tomato paste, sweets, cosmetics and many other items. There are also bags of charcoal for sale.

Beyond the wholesale area is the materials road with timber, tools, building materials, hardware, carpentry workshops, local made furniture, etc

On the spare parts road there are motor vehicle and bike garages, spare parts, lubricants, vehicle accessories etc.

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Jebel Market

Jebel Market a new market constructed to relocate the traders from Customs market which is now mainly a bus park. It is a bit out of town at the foot of the Jebel kujur hill. As its newly designed it is the best laid out market. It also has the best variety of goods. There are clothes, electronics, hardware, groceries and many other products. It is wide and easy to walk around. Although it is very far from the City center its worth going there. Builders go all the way there for hardware, it has a better selection and lower prices.

The lower end has numerous small bars, lodges and eating shacks, and when the sun goes down the area changes to a vibrant drinking, eating and pool playing area. There is a lot of cheap beer, cheap food, and excessively ” friendly” waitresses.

Customs Bus Park Market

The authorities closed Customs Market in 2007 and 2009, and relocated the traders to Jebel Market, but as ‘Customs’ is the main bus park many traders did not leave, they melted into the side streets. The market is thus not very clearly defined, with an Octopus shape with many arms stretching into each of the neigboring residential areas, but very busy because of the bus park. One arm has radios, mobiles and electronics, another arm has fresh food, the best because it has just arrived at the bus park from oher countries, another arm has clothes at good prices, another three arms, Yei road, Hai mona and SPLA have numerous bars.

In June 2011 they closed it yet again for independence celebrations. I am waiting till September 2011, I am sure it will sprout again! I have seen it demolished three times and it always comes back, due to the prime location and instant availability of ready customers.

Gudele and Munuki markets are in the populous residential areas of the same names..

There is a very good second hand car bazaar at Peace Gardens at the Konyo Konyo market entrance. It is sometimes cheaper to buy, use and sell a vehicle than pay for car hire.

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Guide to Juba City, From Juba Travel Guide Archives, first published in July 2011 on the eve of South Sudan’s Independence.

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