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Authorities in Jubek and Gbudue States have arrested 13 individuals suspected of committing various crimes in separate incidents in Juba and Nzara.

Police in Juba on Wednesday arrested six people accused of various crimes in the capital.

Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department apprehended the suspect with stolen items such as phones, laptop, ladies’ handbags and a land cruiser vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Justice.

The six are accused of terrorizing residents of Juba at night.

According to the spokesperson of the national police, the suspects have been active mainly in Nimra Talata, Khor Bou and Hai Thoura residential areas.

Major General, Daniel Justin says some of the suspects are members of the organized forces.

He added that they were arrested yesterday with an unspecified number of firearms.  

“So the Jubek state’s CID and other police followed them up, and on Wednesday we managed to arrest them,” Maj. Gen. Justin said.

The suspects will be arranged before civil and military courts after investigations are completed.


Seven suspected criminals have also been arrested in connection with the robbery and killing of travellers along the Tombura – Nzara road.

Their arrest comes weeks after travellers complained of increased robbery and targeted killings along the road.

In July, a police officer who was identified as Sergeant Major Emmanuel Mathew Dagbayosa was killed at an area called Gbaba, 28 kilometres along the same road.

The suspects are all said to be civilians who used guns to commit crimes on unsuspecting travellers.

They are being interrogated at Nzara town in Gbudue State.

“Last Sunday the same incident happened along the road, so we had an emergency security meeting where we resolved to patrol the road. We apprehended 2 suspects on a motorbike, and after investigation, we arrested 5 others,” said Moses Samson, Nzara County Commissioner.

Mr. Samson revealed that the suspects where armed with a rifle and were also found with stolen clothes.

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