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Suspected Torit rapist on the loose terrorizes victim’s family

A suspected rapist on the loose in Torit has displaced a family that had reported him to authorities after accusing him of sexually assaulting their daughter last month.

The man is identified as Sergeant-Major Daniel Sebit – a prisons officer working at the Torit Central Prison.

A member of the family, John James (real name withheld), told Eye Radio on Wednesday that officer Sebit is their neighbor.

On Monday, 13 May at around 2 am, James narrated the incident, Sebit sneaked into the 20-year-old woman’s room and sexually attacked her.

They then reported him to Torit police, who later arrested and detained him.

However, he was released under unclear circumstances.

Upon his release, he physically attacked the family of eight – four adults and four children.

James said as s a result they sought refuge at the national security office in Torit.

“The family went to the national security office at night in Torit and slept there,” said James.

He said the NS officers arrested Sergeant-Major Sebit and handed him over to the police station where he found his way out again.

“The guy was arrested and detained for a day and then released. Nothing was done by the police authority,” James continued.

“Later on the second of June, on Sunday, the guy went again and attacked the family members with his wife, they beat the family members because he had a gun,” he lamented.

As one family member narrates, the man returned home to threaten them with death.

The family is asking why the authorities are reluctant to tackle the matter.

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“He was arrested by the national security for a month, and then sent to the police station, the same police station. So from there, he was detained for a week. After that they decided to release him without charges,” James stated.

“I am still worried why the government in Torit don’t take action against the case.”

When contacted by Eye Radio, the Torit police inspector said he was not aware of the case, but was consulting with the crime officer to establish facts about it.

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