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Taiman Atbara


Here’s the MP3s!

Fellow Sudanese music lover Hytham M Hammer gave additional information about this group: “Taiman Atbara are actually a singing duo of two twins (taiman – تيمان), whose names are Hassan and Hussein Abdelghader. This duo is a small sample of the vastly undocumented singing style called Ghina’a Al-Toumat (Arabic: غناء التومات; trans. literally, ‘the singing of the twins’), that include both male and female twins. The males are called Taiman, while the females are referred to by the female-specific noun of Toumat; even if the whole genres gets to be called that, too. Some similar Taimans are: Taiman Al-Jiel (Also have the same names as Hassan and Hussein Beshri!) and many more.”

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