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The Ugandan music industry is broken – Big Tril


By Ahmad Muto

Rapper Big Tril has branded the local music industry “broken” and states that it is not the only thing, but the major problem with the industry. He made the statement in a long Facebook post where he noted a few things. One, is about how he claims Ugandans ridiculed him when he asked them to start purchasing Ugandan music online. Now they cannot generate any revenue because concerts have been banned.

Two, that the album launch culture is lame and should be done away with.

Three, called out artistes for giving out their music online for free just so they can launch albums later.


…(I’m not saying this is the only problem with the
industry but it’s a major one and it needs to be addressed)

I remember not so far back I came out and said Ugandans
should start purchasing Ugandan music and I was ridiculed and laughed at
Ugandan musicians cant generate enough revenue from their releases coz Live
Concerts have been banned due to the Covid 19 Outbreak  

This “Album Launch”
Culture that started in the 2000s needs to be done away with …We are in 2020
and people still acting like it’s 2005, releasing music and giving it out to
“Ugandan music sites” for free on the premise that if it becomes a hit they do
an “Album launch”

The “Ugandan Music
sites” make money from Ads because of the traffic on the sites and why do they
get traffic ? because of Ugandan music so it’s baffling to me that The Artist
never gets a penny but a song placement on the sites “countdown”

The Artist then
proceeds to take a screenshot of this countdown and then shares on his/hers
socials thus promoting the Site even further.. ( I know this coz I used to do
that too,now I know better)

Everybody else gains
financially except the artist.

Now that Concerts and
Performances have been put on hold I hope y’all can see the need to diversify
our income sources …That Album Launch mentality needs to stop… I’m not
against Concerts but let’s stop looking at it as the only way to generate

Let’s start the
culture of Buying Ugandan music so things can be better for future Ugandan
musicians ..We cant keep making the same mistakes as our predecessors….I’m
gona get in trouble for this but I don’t care BECAUSE IM DOING WHATS RIGHT …”

Big Tril had been silent since his song, Parte after Parte faded off the music scene and is hardly played anywhere. His twitter account that had become very active got suspended as well and so, he literally had gone into hibernation till now.

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