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These blonde box braids are a must try

Blondes have more fun

Not many of us are open to trying out different hair color.

I always see girls with daring and bold hair such as red, pink, blue etc., and I admire them. I have always been afraid of trying out different hair colors. If you’re like me then there’s an option, which is trying out with braids. At least with braids, you’re not really exposing your hair to potential damage caused by hair dyes. The other day, we showed you how turquoise braids are taking over the Instagram fashion streets. Colored braids are slowly creeping back into the fashion streets and if you’re scared of rocking the super bold colors like turquoise, you can always start small by trying out blonde braids.

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While there’s a misconception that blonde hair only looks good on light skins, we have seen dark skinned girls rock blonde hairstyles perfectly, putting that misconception to rest.

Ever wanted to rock blonde braids? Check out these inspirations:





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