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Tonj directs its cattle keepers to return home

The Governor of Tonj has issued an order directing all cattle keepers in the neighboring Wau State to return to home to Tonj to avoid more cattle-related conflicts.

This comes after a series of attacks in which dozens of farmers, mostly women, and children, were killed in Kwajina County.

According to officials, the incidents occurred when a group of armed pastoralists attacked some villages there – a conflict the leaders attributed to destruction of farms by the cattle from Tonj.

“The government has ordered all cattle camp keepers to be returned back to Tonj land since there is conflict always and cattle raiding is always reported; people are killed… even a 13-year-old boy was killed on the 15th [March] which is against human rights, said William Wol, Tonj state Minister of Information.

Last week, the conflict intensified leaving at least 15 more people killed and 20 others injured in the same area.

Mr. Wol said the order issued by Governor Mathieu Mathiang is aimed at avoiding further bloodshed. He added that any cattle keeper who does not comply with the directives will be forcefully returned.

“All cattle camp keepers should come back, even by force or forcefully,” he said.

Tonj governor directed the State Minister of Local government to return all the Tonj cattle keepers back home by “any means necessary” to avoid any escalation of the conflict.

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