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Top 5 celebrities with poor fashion scenes in South Sudan

Celebrities and fashion are totally inseparable, this is because they are public figure and always in eyes of media and general public, fans and fashion oriented people look up to them to see what’s trending, what to wear and how to wear them.

But sadly not many south Sudanese artistes/ celebrities have good scenes of fashion, this can explain the poor appearance and shabby dressing most time, we must however note there are some have really done pretty well, always killing in red carpets.

Below is the list of the top 5 celebrities with poor fashion scenes in South Sudan.

1: Mc Lumoex

He’s one leading artists in South Sudan that has completely to look at celebrities standard life with all the trending fashion designs he has equipped, all combined to make unpalatable mix grill, Lumoex is really miles away from good dressing scenes unsurprisingly he doesn’t seem to care but his fans are too concerned.

2: Rocky Jay

The case of Rocky popularly known as Asasia ta sukul is beyond anything that have to do with dressing, he’s one of the weird bizarre south Sudanese artiste that has preferred to keep his appearance and his real reasons are difficult to understand.

3: Dj CentMr No Rest is one the fashion lover in South Sudan, Cent is the only artist who know what’s trending in the market but his horrible choices of dressing , putting on things which are more heavier than his Kilogram.

4: Mr Lengs

The South Sudan’s José Chameleon to be or the photocopy of Jose I don’t know but he’s typically ruined by over putting on China made costumes.

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5: Mary Boyio

Being beautiful is one thing but being able to pick what suits you and compliments your shape and color is another different ball game and might just be issues to Single ladies singer.

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