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Top 5 Most Educated Tribes in South Sudan

Higher education is the rock/foundation of a nation’s growth. We have over 64 tribes in South Sudan and not all of them are interested in education. Education is very necessary for a nation, without the people being educated, who will have the chance to take over from our leaders who are a bit and not educated?

Many times, they say a man’s status is not only measured by wealth but also by the range of academic qualification he has. There have been so many arguments about the most educated tribes in South Sudan, many ranked Dinka and Acholi over others but this post will put your mind to rest.  Explore the list of the most educated tribes in South Sudan.

  1. Dinka: Dinka tops the list of the most educated people in South Sudan. I know a lot of you will argue with me because of this. Actually that is the truth, you can’t enter a Dinka man’s house and find that his children are not educated. Dinka are majority in Government posts. This tribe knows where money is, that’s why they have positioned themselves in competitive courses, making it hard for other tribes to succeed in those areas.

  2. Acholi: Acholi comes second after Dinka. This tribe dominates in media and journalism sector. You can argue but when I say educated, they are and they are smart. They also come second in NGO domination after the Kukus. Secondly, they dominate in agricultural sectors.

  3. Shiluk: These people are also tapping the charts, although they are not populated in the country. They hail from war-torn town, Malakal and they are known as people with rich culture and beliefs.

  4. Kuku: Despite being one of the largest tribes in Central Equatoria, Kuku people register more illiteracy than the aforementioned tribes. However, in most of a Kuku family, there is a son or daughter who’s a lawyer or. HR in an NGO. They are academically stable and they also do well in school.

  5. Nuer: Not surprisingly, Nuer closes the list in the country. We really do not see these people as educated folks for their mentality (If you know what I mean) but I bet you, they are! Even with their funny accent, they love going  to school they dominate the numbers of South Sudanese abroad.

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In conclusion, we have almost 64 tribes in South Sudan, there are also many tribes you don’t know about. It was very difficult and necessary for us to narrow the list down to the top 6 most educated tribes in South Sudan. These was a root of through research and findings. I know some arguments have been made here, but when you also do your research, you’ll see that ours is true.

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