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Top outstanding Producers in South Sudan

Musically, South Sudan’s music industry has grown so much and the sound has changed so much over the years especially with 2019 when we had a lot of new sounds with good touches coming in from the top trending producers.

Juba Eye has complied a list of the top 5 Outstanding Music producers in South Sudan 2019 and they may not be in your views order, we are sure you will agree that all these guys are multi talented at their work.

Below is the list of the best Producers in 2019 so far.Linus De Ginus: Also he’s commonly known by singing along Hardlife Avenue Stars, Linus has been the most trending producer in South Sudan of late, he is also a singer and a song writer. He produced some of the biggest songs in South Sudan. He’s has worked with Menie men (Cooze Clans), Silver X, Crazy Fox, John Frog (Guondo Sakit).

  1. Jehu Government: Jehu’s creativity has redefined music production in South Sudan with the simplicity that of getting hard touches. Jehu has this year produced songs for artistes like; Crzay Fox (Chaka Churum), Mr Lengs, Chris Mun (Fire) and many more.
  1. Sarko On DeBeat: Worked with some of the biggest musicians in Junub, Sarko is one of the biggest  South Sudanese music producer of the year 2019 having produced and made some of the biggest songs including most of Single Dee’s music, Jonny Bee and for so many other artistes, He also won the SSTYA & SSUSA best producer of the 2018 respectively.
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Shako & Single Deè
  1. Edga Pro: Some of the biggests songs in South Sudan were once recorded in Corner Stone music store by Edga himself. Although of late he has  not being too active but still rocks with his class a part sounds.
Edga pro
  1. Bobi On DeBeat. His age can’t allow himself to be included in this category but his work rate can’t lie, Bobi is young talented producer raising from the ranks of Linus Pro, He has produced more good songs although good songs are not always hit songs, he has worked with Nicky Prince( Wori le Ana), Domi ft Kanya De Lion( Hilu Hilu), and etc.

You may not be contended by the list but you can adjust it accordingly to your own views.

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