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Torit mayor cautions youth against prostitution

September 6, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

(TORIT) – The Mayor of Torit Juliana Momoi Choho cautioned female youth against sexual immorality in an exchange for money.
Addressing youth during a job fair at Torit Freedom Square, she encouraged young people to do productive activities and be self-reliant.
Momoi discourages youth from practicing prostitution which affects their health status.
“Self-employment is very important not someone with documents, I don’t want to talk much, my special message to you is all of us are human being, no one is entitle to eat grass. All of us are in need of money for sustaining our families, there is no shame in work, any work that can earn you money, do it, but the bad work is having relationship with many men for money, you need to stop it, this act is very bad”, the Mayor stresses.
Momoi urges the young people to know their HIV status by visiting the nearest health facility for test as Torit is among the most states affected by the killer disease.
“I want to tell you all the people of Torit, especially the youth present that, the most important work for you to do is, you should at least go to the hospital to know yourself status of HIV, now in Torit here , it may be the leading state with people living with HIV, and for one to go for test, you should not be ashamed my people, this is what the Government is saying, no need for imprisoning people, beating people better you go to the hospital for test and receive your treatment”, she appeals.
The official was speaking at Torit Freedom Square during a job fair on Wednesday.
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