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Troika urges parties to meet 11/12 deadline

Source: Eye Radio

The Troika countries have reiterated that it will support a government of South Sudan that puts the interest of its citizens first.

The statement comes amidst controversy over the 12 November deadline.

The peace parties shall establish a coalition government next month, according to the September 2018 revitalized peace agreement.

This provision was supposed to be actualized in May this year, but it was pushed to November due to unimplemented tasks of the pre-transitional period.

“For too long, conflict has been waged at the expense of South Sudan’s most vulnerable and continues to exacerbate humanitarian needs.  We encourage the parties, especially the current government, to take concrete steps to build trust through enhanced cooperation,” partly reads a statement.

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“With the November 12 deadline looming, extended from May, much more needs to be done urgently to ensure the success of the transitional government.”

Troika, which comprises UK, US and Norway, in July said that it would support a successful transitional period”.

“We urge the South Sudanese parties to meet the November 12 deadline to form a transitional government that will enable the conditions for a constructive relationship during the next phase of South Sudan’s peace process,” it continues.

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In a meeting attended by UNSC delegates and the leaders of the peace parties in Juba on Sunday, SPLM-O-IO, the main opposition group, asked for more time to implement key security arrangements, particularly training and unification of at least 40,000 soldiers.

Its Leader Dr. Riek Machar argued that the soldiers must be trained well to avoid a repeat of July 2016 whereby bodyguards clashed at the presidential palace, triggering a renewed conflict.

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However, this idea has been rejected by the government and the UNSC, which described it as a disappointment. The incumbent government stated that the remaining time is enough to orient the soldiers.

“The Troika will continue to stand with and support the people of South Sudan, who want and deserve peace and a government that that protects its people,” it adds.

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