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Try these tricks to make your foundation look more natural

For a natural look

Foundation is supposed to make your skin look better. But, it shouldn’t be so obvious for people to notice it. Instead of someone complimenting your foundation, you want them to compliment your skin because they can hardly notice that you have put on foundation.

To make sure that your foundation looks as natural as possible, consider these tips:

1. Exfoliate your skin

Skin exfoliation
Skin exfoliation

If you want your foundation to look flawless and avoid the cakey look, always make sure that you prep your skin. To begin with, exfoliating will help in getting rid of dead skin cells and smoothening your face. This in returns allows the foundation to settle on your skin evenly and smoothly.

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2. Start by moisturizing your face

Moisturizing gif (Giphy)
Moisturizing gif (Giphy)

Applying moisturizer ensures your skin is smooth and hydrated. After moisturizing, use a primer to give your skin a smooth surface for easier application of foundation. The primer also helps the foundation to last longer.

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3. Go for liquid foundations

While you can still work with powder or cream foundations, liquid ones tend to do the job better. They are not only easier to apply and build up but they also tend to mimic the natural tone of your skin.

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4. Start with a thin layer

Making sure your foundation looks natural
Making sure your foundation looks natural

Some people make the mistake of applying a thick layer at ago which leaves them with a cakey appearance. Instead of that, start by applying a very thin layer of foundation and build up slowly until it’s even.

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5. Get natural lighting

If possible, get near the window for natural lighting when applying foundation. It will give you a clear picture of what your makeup will look like once you leave the house. You can also install white bulbs as they are the closest alternative you have to natural lighting.

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