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Uganda: Sub National Protection Dialogue (Mid/South West and West Nile): 23-25 April 2018 (Mbarara) & 2–4 May 2018 (Gulu)

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Country: South Sudan, Uganda


In April/May 2018, Uganda operation successfully concluded two Sub-national Protection Dialogues covering the major refugee emergency operations in Western (DRC/BRI) and West Nile regions (South Sudanese). The events took place from 23 to 25 April 2018 in Mbarara and 2 to 4 May 2018 in Gulu. The protection dialogues took place alongside other ongoing efforts by UNHCR to strengthen the refugee protection response.

The dialogues brought together a full array of protection actors from the humanitarian and development sectors including the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), District Local Government, District Probation Officers, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNWOMEN, WFP, UNDP and NGOs (ARC, DRC, Save the Children, Refugee Law Project, HIJRA, AAH, Tutapona, CAFOMI, Windle Trust, JRS, MTI,
Finn Church Aid, World Vision International, CARE, Child Voice International, TPO)

The discussions were themed on the imperative to streamline and strengthen the existing protection response and coordination mechanisms in the refugee settlements and had the following objectives:

  • Reflect internally on existing protection response mechanism and capacity;

  • Identify and agree on specific strategic objectives for the sub-national protection response;

  • Foster a stronger, coordinated and harmonized approach to protection across the operation;

  • Map out essential protection infrastructure for each settlement; identify areas where there are gaps and recommend measures to address them;

  • Identify the optimal, streamlined protection coordination mechanism and how to ensure that protection effective protection practices and protection information are shared and harmonized across the operation;

The stakeholders discussed the gaps in protection infrastructure, protection coordination and service delivery and collectively agreed on timed solutions to those gaps. Discussions also focused on the need to enhance the community reporting mechanisms in the refugee settlements and the review of identified weakness in some locations and harmonize approaches in the protection systems and safeguards particular to women and children.
The main outcomes of the Dialogues with each specific outcome document were:

  • Validation/agreement on six strategic protection objectives, problem analysis and actions required for delivery;

  • Agreement on the “essential protection infrastructure” for protection delivery in each settlement – identifying the gaps, measures and opportunities/solutions to address them;

  • Agreement on the organigram for protection coordination reflecting the terms of reference and linkages between the settlement/district/regional and national level protection coordination;

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This report provides a summary of the issues and outcomes of the dialogue which cuts across all aspects of protection response in both the Western/DRC and West Nile/South Sudanese situations.


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