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Urine: 4 dangers of holding in your urine for too long

If you feel like peeing, just do it!

We have all been in a situation where we badly needed to pee but just held it in cause maybe we can or we were in a situation where we couldn’t take a bathroom break.

But, while that habit is allowed every now and then, it’s pretty dangerous. Your kidneys fill up with excess water and waste that eventually needs to go out of your system. So, what happens when you decide every too often to ignore the urge to pee and end up holding in your pee for long?

1. Your bladder stretches.

The bladder stretches to accommodate urine levels but it does go back to it’s normal size once you pee. Some people also have bigger bladders than others especially in scenarios where they are used to holding in their pee too long and it’s normal. However, this habit can lead to the sphincter muscles stretching out. These are the muscles that “manage the bladder situation” preventing you to pee on yourself. So obviously, if these very precious muscles stretch, then you end up with uncontrolled urine leakage and, no one wants that embarrassment, right?


2. It can lead to a urine retention.

This is a condition whereby the bladder is unable to empty completely. This can be quite dangerous as it’s even possible for the urine to go back to the kidneys and eventually lead to kidney failure.


3. Urine retention subsequently creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

It’s warm and moist, just what bacteria needs to thrive. This in turn leads to UTIs and even kidney damage.

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4. In rare occasions, your bladder can burst.

Oh yes, it’s very possible. However, this is in very rare cases, in most situations, the muscles holding in the pee will be weak and you will end up urinating on yourself.

Make it a habit to visit the toilet every morning when you wake up and every 2-3 hours. So, folks, there you have it. Next time you feel like you could use the bathroom, just do it!

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