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[VIDEO] – Sights and Sounds – Nile River transportation, Juba

September 23, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

South Sudan Transnile Company Ltd (SSTC) is one the leading River Transport Services provider between Juba and Renk on Nile River.

The SSTC fleet consist of 7 Pushers & 36 cargo and fuel barges. Each Pusher can carry cargo capacity of upto 1,400 Metric Tons per trip and takes about 18 days from Juba to Renk through the River Nile.  SSTC enjoys over 75% of the river transportation market share in South Sudan. 

All kinds of cargo including food items, fuel, containerized items, heavy equipment and vehicles are transported. High profile clients include World Food Program (WFP), UNMISS, Humanitarian organizations, companies and individual commercial businesses.

SSTC has an operational office at Juba Port, close to the main gate providing timely client services.

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