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September 23, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

Top 15 places to visit in South Sudan is brought to you by City Travel Reviews. (citytravelyt@yahoo.com)

1. Kidepo Game Reservehttp://bit.ly/2AlLwDD

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2. Kodok (Fashoda)http://bit.ly/2s0hmRW

3. Ez Zeraf Game Reservehttp://bit.ly/2rXvgUP

4. Southern National Parkhttp://bit.ly/2AlL9cd

5. Nimule National Parkhttp://bit.ly/2AlLdIZ

6. Boma National Parkhttp://bit.ly/2rW7YOW

7. Bandingilo National Parkhttp://bit.ly/2rW6K6q

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8. Jubahttp://bit.ly/2AlM8ZX

9. Wauhttp://bit.ly/2AfK99l

10. Malakalhttp://bit.ly/2s0hzoc

11. Radom National Parkhttp://bit.ly/2AlUEIi

12. Borhttp://bit.ly/2AeQphK

13. Shambe Nature Reservehttp://bit.ly/2AigWe6

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14. Aweilhttp://bit.ly/2Ajebt3

15. Gogrialhttp://bit.ly/2s094ct

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