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[Video] – We need Peace and Love – Hip Hop song by John Brown ft. Wakes Now

September 7, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

South Sudan’s hip-hop scene is a promising one, with successful breakthroughs on the international level through the works of successful artists like Emmanuel Jal.

The trajectory is not the  the same for every artist in the country though. The country’s economic and political climate presents major bottlenecks to upcoming musicians. Consequently low level (and lower sound quality) production becomes the staple choice for most South Sudanese hip-hop artists.

Still, the Diversity is there, both stylistically and lyrically. The talent is abundant, just like the oil. There remains only the refinery.

Here is one of those low budget productions that sound surprisingly good.

This new song, first uploaded in August 2019 to YouTube and featuring lesser known names in the industry John Brown and Wakes Now might be worth your time and bundles.

Not certain if these are their “real” names. The video is right below, but you can see the full channel here.

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