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Warrior private security firm guards protest against unpaid benefits

Workers of the security firm Warrior have staged a protest, demanding their benefits.They alleged that the company has refused to pay them off their benefits. The company has allegedly been sold out to another foreign company called Insight.

The new contract, which Eye Radio has seen, stipulates that each employee will be subject to a period of probation of 3 months – which most of the employee disagree with.

Many of the workers in the capital, Juba, are now on strike demanding for their dues.  Some of them told Eye Radio that they are being mistreated by the company administration.

“You don’t just love a person, when they fall sick you need to treat them because he is the person who is bringing money for your company, but you want to use him as a tool”, one of them complained.

“The company does not aim at developing us the guards. This is what we call exploitation of human resources”, another added his voice.

Others threaten to resign because the company is not addressing their concerns.

“Me as an individual I feel good. It is better when I resign. It will be good for my own benefits”, the second guard further said

The Warrior security company is yet to comment on the matter.




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