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We want power and money – South Sudan traditional chiefs demand

August 29, 2019 South Sudan NEWS PORTAL

Photo: Answers Africa

(JUBA) Chiefs from the nine states of Equatoria region are calling on the government to restore their traditional powers. The Chiefs from the States of Jubek, Terekeka, Yei, Torit, Kapoeta, Amadi, Maridi, Gbudue and Tombura also demanded the government to allocate 40 percent to Chiefs in the upcoming government of national unity.

They said traditional roles of chiefs such as settling social disputes and codification of customary law within their jurisdictions, among others, have been taken away by the government.

They said after secession from Sudan in 2011, the government neglected Chiefs despite their tireless contributions during the liberation struggle.

Speaking on behalf of the Chiefs at Equatoria Regional Conference yesterday, Kojo-keji County Paramount Chief, Gabriel Mogga Baba, pointed out that disregard to roles played by Chiefs contributed to their failure to control people at the grassroots.

He said restoring the powers of chiefs will bring sustainable peace in the country because of Chiefs’ proximity to local grassroots people.

“Chiefs contributed a lot during the liberation. The success of the struggle came because of Chiefs and our daughters have been given 30 percent and our sons (youth) are given 20 percent. So we need the government to give us 40 percent,” Mogga said.

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