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Womanizer: 6 warning signs that a guy is a womanizer

Don't be fooled

So you just met this cool guy and he got all the features you have been looking for in a man.

That might seem like an achievement but hey, don’t be fast to believe that you just got your prince charming.

Before you get into anything serious with him, get to know him well. Else, he may just be another Casanova looking for a new taste of women. But how do you know if a guy is a womanizer?

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These signs can at least give you a clue on whether he is a womanizer or not:

1. He is all over women


Womanizers cannot hide their attraction to other women. Some will shamelessly flirt with the waitress in your presence and they still feel that there is nothing wrong with that. They are the type who uses affectionate terms on every woman they meet including strangers.

2. Social media

Stalking someone on social media is not right but sometimes it’s necessary. If you notice that the guy’s timeline has more posts from women, selfies with different women and different girls are posting how they miss him watch out. You might just be one among his many lovers.

3. Confuses you

You have met him severally but he still hasn’t mastered your name. In fact, he calls you another name when making love. This just shows that he has a long list of women and can hardly differentiate them.

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4. He’s moving fast

You just met him some weeks ago but he is already planning to have a family with you. In fact, he wants you meet his parents very soon. Don’t be fooled that he is serious. That is only a strategy to show you that he is in to it but the truth is that he will leave before you know it.

5. His phone is ever locked


His phone is his business and am not saying that you should be scrolling it over and over. But then, you need to be careful about men whose phones are ever locked with complicated patterns and passwords. And, if you dare touch the phone probably because you need a torch and your phone is off, he will be mad as hell.

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6. He’s too romantic

We all love romantic men but when he seems to be overdoing it, don’t be excited. If he is ever sending sweet messages, taking you places and surprising you with expensive gifts while you just met a few days ago watch out. Probably the goal is to only win your heart, get in between your legs before fleeing to get a new catch.




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