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Imagine getting pregnant while still living under your parents’ roof, how do you break the news to them?

City women went down memory lane to share their own experiences, on how creative they had to get when they had to face that dreaded moment.

The conversation was started by an online user who is a member of a Facebook closed group for mums.

She shared her personal experience where she had to reveal her pregnancy to her mother.

“Ladies let’s take it back to those of us who got paged when we were still under our parents roof how did you break the news to your parents? Well I was vomiting like luck of importance aki I told my mum Ni malaria but eventually I had to tell the truth.i thank God my boy is 12years now.whats your story?” asked the online user.

Her post attracted hundreds of reactions from women who also shared their stories.

“I told her I feel like eating a cold juicy orange..n.a. hapo niliona venye aliniangalia I knew I was in hot soup,” said one online user.

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“She was told by a neighbour that im pg…..she asked me nika kubali….ali ni uliza uko na mpango gani na hio mimba,nika mwambia baby daddy ame ni tumia pesa ni abort,the she said leta hio pesa nione….i gave her the 10k nili kuwa nime pewa…. guess what….she told me huyo mtoto uta mzaa na hii pesa ya abortion ndio uta fanya nayo shopping ya mtoto…..hahaha…..my son is 8yrs turning 9 feb next year….and i love him so so much,” wrote another online user.

“Sijui vile mamangu alijua but at first she thought ni kitambi,” commented another online user.

“I sent her two best friends. Wakiingia nilikua bed. Wakasalimiana aty mmekuja kutembea mapema hee hii ni baraka. Wacha nipike chai…. Woii hapana tunataka tuongee…unajua baraka hutoka mahali kwingi etc…The next thing I heard… Wairimu kuja hapa…….haujui kutumia condom (in kiembu) woii then I heard…..panga vitu urudi shule sahii nausinipigia mimi ndo ntakupigia. Let me tell you I had the longest 2months of my life before she came to terms with it. Right now she can’t get enough of her granddaughter we are 5yrs old…….. I told her nataka second born akaniambia ameskia joto kwa mwili,” wrote one online user.

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“I run away nikarudi na motto,” replied another online user.


“My mum asked,utazaa lini ?we start shopping for baby?and I was like kumbe anajua my boy now 14yrs,” stated one online user.

“For me I was in college and I remember the first person to tell the truth was my dad …it was hard at first since I was the first born and the only daughter …I could see disappointment written all over his face but am glad he never sent me away what he only did was to stop me from furthering my studies anymore…i had to stop at certificate first…. But eventually he took me back to school finished my IT diploma and my CPA…..kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa upishi,” said one online user.

“Wangu alijua kabla I notice myself I was pregnant……nilipewa side eye nkambiwa utazaa kama wanawake wengine tu! Kulea ni kazi starehe ulikua mwenywe N now they are the best of friends with my son who is 6years now,” said another online user.

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“Nilificha mimba hadi when I was 6 months… My dad was the 1st to notice since katumbo kalikua kametokea and I was serving him breakfast and he asked “Gla… Ni kushiba umeshiba ama ni nguo imekua ndogo? “We laughed it out… He told my mum to chunguza me and the 1st thing my mum asked is “Gla… Uko na mimba?
Me: Yes
Mum: miezi ngapi
Me: miezi 6
Mum: umeenda hosiptali
Me: Yes
Mum: yaani umejipanga hivyo hadi unameza dawa na umeficha aje mimba hizo siku zote.
Luckily I never vomited throughout my 1st trimester for them to notice… Nilikonda aki… Thank God for my tummy sikujulikana until when I was 6 months and my dad was the 1st to know.
He supported me through out and told me “I thank you for not aborting” My son is 2 years 10 months old and he is my dad’s best friend,” said another online user.

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