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World: Education in Danger Monthly News Brief, April 2019

Source: Insecurity Insight
Country: Algeria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Cuba, Gabon, Kenya, Libya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, occupied Palestinian territory, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, World, Yemen, Zambia

Attacks on education

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on education used by the Global Coalition to Protect Education under Attack (GCPEA) in Education under Attack 2018.


Burkina Faso

Throughout April 2019: Across Burkina Faso, extremist militants burned schools and dragged teachers out of schools into the road to perform executions, leaving schools understaffed and depriving between 119,000 and 150,000 children from education, as well as preventing about 5,000 teachers in the region from safely fulfilling their duties. Sources: The New Humanitarian and VOA

15 April 2019: In Pissila town, Sanmatenga province, militants presumed to be associated with JNIM attacked the town and opened fire with live ammunition on a school, chasing away the students in the process. Source: ACLED1

26 April 2019: In Maitaougou village, Koulpelogo province, an unspecified armed militant group attacked an unnamed school as part of a wider assault on the village, killing five teachers and one municipal worker. Sources: ACLED1, New Straits Time, UN-OCHA and TRT World

28 April 2019: In Noaka village, Sanmatenga province, presumed JNIM militants attacked the village, assaulting villagers, burning a bar and four vehicles, and ransacking a school. Source: ACLED


12 April 2019: In Fongo-Tongo town and commune, Menoua department, a group of six secondary school children, five boys and one girl, were abducted by an unidentified armed group. The kidnappers reportedly requested money from the children’s parents but ceased contact after realizing the parents could not pay. Sources: ACLED1 and Cameroon Online

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23 April 2019: In Bamenda town, Mezam department, four armed Ambazonian separatists broke into Saint Frederick High School and abducted a civilian at gunpoint. Source: ACLED


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