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World: Peace Talks in Focus 2019: Report on Trends and Scenarios [EN/ES]

Source: Escola de Cultura de Pau
Country: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Mali, Moldova, Mozambique, Philippines, South Sudan, United States of America, World, Yemen

Executive summary

Peace Talks in Focus 2019. Report on Trends and Scenarios is a yearbook that analyses peace processes and negotiations that took place in the world during 2018. The examination of the development and dynamics of negotiations worldwide allows to provide a comprehensive overview of peace processes, identify trends and comparatively analyse the various scenarios. One of the main objectives of this report is to provide information and analysis to those who participate in peaceful conflict resolution at different levels, including parties to disputes, mediators, civil society activists and others. The yearbook also aims to grant visibility to different formulas of dialogue and negotiation aimed at reversing dynamics of violence and channelling conflicts through political means in many contexts. Thus, it seeks to highlight, enhance and promote political, diplomatic and social efforts aimed at transforming conflicts and their root causes through peaceful methods.
Methodologically, the report draws mainly on the qualitative analysis of studies and information from many sources (the United Nations, international organisations, research centres, media outlets, NGOs and others), as well as on experience gained during field research. The report also cross-cuttingly incorporates a gender perspective in the study and analysis of peace processes.
The report is divided into six chapters. The first presents a summary and map of the 49 peace processes and negotiations that took place in 2018 and provides an overview of the main global trends. The next five chapters delve into the peace processes and negotiations from a geographic perspective. Each of them addresses the main trends of peace negotiations in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, respectively, and describes the development and dynamics of each case in those regions. At the beginning of each of these five chapters, a map is included indicating the countries where peace processes and negotiations have occurred in 2018.

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