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World: The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief, November 2018

Source: Insecurity Insight
Country: Bangladesh, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Hungary, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Nigeria, occupied Palestinian territory, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), World, Yemen

Security Incidents and Access Constraints



05 November 2018: The Burundian government announced that 25 INGOs who had their registration suspended on 16 September 2018 for not complying with Burundian law, are now re-registered.
Meanwhile, the registration of 11 others are still not registered for action. Source: Radio Tèlèvision Nationale du Burundi


23 November 2018: In Douala city, Wouri department, Littoral region, English-speaking (Anglophone) separatists kidnapped three Claretian missionaries and their driver while they were en route to support victims of the ongoing civil war. On 29 November 2018, the missionaries were released under unspecified circumstances, while the driver continued to be held captive. Source: Vatican News

Central African Republic

31 October – 01 November 2018: In Batangafo town, Ouham prefecture, armed men looted and burned down three IDP camps, destroying them completely and leaving around 27,000 persons homeless. This incident prompted NGOs to suspend their activities at the IDP sites and forced some 5,000 IDPs to seek refuge in a nearby hospital. Sources: MSF, Reuters, RJDH and Thomson Reuters Foundation

15 November 2018 (DOA): In Alindao town, Basse-Kotto prefecture, the Alindao IDP camp – which houses around 20,000 Christians – was attacked and pillaged by unidentified perpetrators. Sources suggest it was a revenge attack by UPC fighters on the Christian-dominant camp after anti-Balaka fighters had attacked Muslim civilians in the town of Alindo earlier the same day. Between the two violent incidents, 60 people were reported killed. On 21 November 2018, the Central African President blamed MINUSCA for the attack, claiming that no security arrangements were in place. No further details specified. Sources: RJDH (a), RJDH (b) and ACLED

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24 November 2018: In Gbama village, Haute-Kotto prefecture, two local staff from an INGO were abducted and tortured allegedly by anti-Balaka fighters while providing vaccinations to children in the village. Source: AWSD1

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