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World: UNHCR Uganda: Resettlement Factsheet 2019 (1 Jan – 30 Apr 2019)

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Country: Australia, Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Norway, Somalia, South Sudan, Sweden, Uganda, United States of America, World

In 2019
As of 30 April

Submissions Target

UNHCR Submissions


Survivors of Violence
and/or Torture

Women and Girls
at- risk

Legal and/or Physical
Protection Needs

Resettlement Achievements from 2012 to 2019

 In 2018, largest resettlement submissions ever achieved out of Uganda
 Achievement of annual submission targets since 2012
 In 2019, six resettlement countries accepted to receive refugees from Uganda
 Thus far, cases have had a high acceptance rate
 Increased accessibility of resettlement due to expanded approach of durable
solution project for DRC refugees since 2012
o Submission of 29,713 refugees, of which 26,991 from DRC since 2012
o Reinforced infrastructure for large-scale resettlement processing
 Since 2012, 21,389 refugees, of which 17,367 from DRC departed for
resettlement from Uganda
 Increased resettlement of vulnerable refugees

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