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#WorstSexExperience: His tool was a like a little thumb surrounded by a forest, I want my sex back!

It can be very disappointing when things go down the

It is hardly something you can forget if it has happened to you, why not share it with the rest of us, so we can laugh and learn.

‘Hello Bryan, I’m at your bus stop but the cab man isn’t familiar with your address and your area folks aren’t helping us at all, so what do you suggest; should I alight here or would you prefer to talk to the driver and direct him instead?’ I asked

‘Oh, that’s not an issue at all pass the phone to him.” He said.

“Oga the street is the second turn by the right when you enter the estate; the house is the blue duplex at the end of the street with a see through gate” I faintly heard me describe to the cab man.

“Babe I’ve given him the directions see you in less than 10.” He said to me when the cabman gave me back the phone.

Bryan and I have been online friends for over 3 years but we haven’t really seen each other, we started talking after I passed a sarcastic comment on his hilarious philosophical post on IG and he made a counter reply which I in turn replied again and he slide into my DM afterwards.

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We got pretty close online and before long we were friends on all my social media handles.

We shared ideas as we were basically into same things and you know what they say about ‘like minds’. We bonded pretty fast and soon we started relating to each other about personal things. We were being modest friends till I changed my profile picture on Whatsapp and put up a picture which showed off my cleavage and gave out the information that my boobs are on the big side which he saw and chatted me up.

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From that moment our chats got sexual and he started hitting on me, he knows how I feel about relationships but he kept on pushing for a chance. I hate relationships and commitment; I love being free, don’t get me wrong I will settle down one day when I long for it, but being tamed by one fucked up dude who will make a mess of my heart later and chase after another sister NEVER.

I made this pretty clear to him over and over but he wouldn’t just leave me be, the thing is he doesn’t even want me for keeps, he just want to knack but then again just like dudes this days, he wants to play house in disguise whilst enjoying free knacks and he doesn’t even have the balls to say it. Anyway I let him fool himself with his charade believing that I believe that he is genuine and that it’s just distance that is messing with us.

He lives in Abuja and I in Lagos so the distance worked in my favour, I was hoping he was going to get discouraged and back off but no his quest for my puna is way stronger than I thought. So one lovely evening I was lounging on my balcony when I heard my phone ring and voila it’s from him apparently he relocated to Lagos 5 months ago and has been wanting to settle in before hitting me up, he stays somewhere in Chevy view Estate on the Island.

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I welcomed him and told him I’d come see him one of the weekends if I’m disposed, within the week after speaking with him, I got so bored at home that I decided to drink and filter away time.

The cold champagne is very drinkable, so I kept gulping and before long I finished it and opened the second bottle, I’ve gotten to about half of the bottle when I became light headed and incredibly horny, I couldn’t think properly without knacks blocking my sense of judgement so I picked up my phone and contacted Bryan on Whatsapp, it was sex chat dominated but I got bored and dumped phone and slept off on the couch.

I woke up with a clear head, realising the kind of conversation we had on Whatsapp I started avoiding his chats, he’s really not the kind of person I’d love to shag and time has proven that guys who talk about how good they are actually very bad.

If only I stuck with what my brain told me I wouldn’t be here ranting about this; I have triggered my horniness and it needs attention so I asked for his address and by the next Saturday I was on my way to him. We finally located his house and got in, the moment we were alone he started being all touchy and I let him even though I was irritated by it but I came to get fucked so I just have to go with the flow.

I didn’t let him kiss me though I just let him do other things aside that, he went for my boobs hungrily, he was squeezing harder than he should and biting harder than he should. I shut my eyes and endured the pain, I went for his belt undid it and pulled down his shorts and boxer-shorts to be greeted with an extremely short DICK the size of my pinkie finger whose pubic hair is actually longer than it, I consoled myself with it’s not by size but by how well it works.

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AUNTY listen to me when you see stuff like that run it can never do any good; I thought it will increase a little when it gets hard but no it just got thicker, time for action came, dude skipped my pussy and hit the lips causing inflammation, when he finally got in, he was thrusting with his tummy.

I was so irritated that I stopped him on the fifth thrust put on my dress and walked the hell away.

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That was the last time we saw, if only I could TAKE MY SEX BACK from him I’d be so happy.

Story by Anonymous

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